Running and Yoga as Weapons against Cancer

Running and Yoga as Weapons against Cancer

Cancer has been a growing problem over the past few years. The increase in its incidence is already alarming that it can be diagnosed during the teenage years. The problems lies from a myriad of factors that severely affect our health, leading to the development of malignant cells which multiply at an abnormal rate and damage our organs. However, there are measures in preventing or lessening the risks of developing cancer. There’s proper diet, avoiding smoking, minimizing alcohol consumption and keeping the optimum level of our health. One of those measures is exercise which can prove to be of great help in fighting against cancer. But how can it help against cancer?

Why Should You?

Running is one of the most basic forms of exercise but it is also one of the most helpful and beneficial exercises that you can easily do see online. It helps in improving lung capacity and stamina, it strengthens the heart muscles, it allows adequate circulation of blood and brings about a number of benefits to our body.

Yoga is one of the several relaxation techniques that promotes flexibility and improves our overall physical condition through various movements while exercising our muscles and joints. Being a relaxation exercise, it also brings a peace of mind when we do yoga, answering the psychological aspect that we need.

Running, Yoga and Cancer

Research studies have found that running helps in decreasing the risk of mortality rate in women with breast cancer. Yoga, on the other hand, helps in controlling the inflammation associated with the treatments used in cancer and also improving energy levels.

In the published study in the International Journal of Cancer, it has been found out by researchers from the Berkeley Lab that mortality rate among breast cancer patients who ran were significantly lowered compared to those who didn’t by as much as 40% which is a staggering rate.


Regarding yoga, the study on it together with its connection with cancer was conducted by Ohio State University researchers who acquired a population group of 200 women who completed their treatments while still novices when it comes to yoga. The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The women were divided into two different groups – those who engaged in yoga and those who didn’t. The yoga sessions for the yoga group lasted for about 90 minutes and encouraged to be continued at home as well. After a few months, the results revealed that participants who engaged in yoga had their fatigue levels decreased as much as 57% compared to the control group.

Searching for a Yoga Studio

Looking for a yoga studio in your vicinity isn’t that hard. You can go online and scan through pages of several yoga studios along with their specific classes that they offer. Starting out in your neighborhood is a great choice. Asking around friends, family and relatives can also help you in looking for the yoga studio for you so you can reap all of its benefits. Discover more...