Preventing Water Damage on Your Ceiling

A leaking ceiling is probably one of the most frustrating problems that you can have with the structural problems in your home. It’s not only an annoying problem but it also opens up the way for other problems to develop like the rotting of the ceiling’s material, flaking away the paint on your walls and ceiling, wasting water if the problem lies in the faulty plumbing of your home and it allows the growth of molds, bacteria, mosses and algae which would further increase the damage done to your home. Water damaged ceilings can also lead to rotting and eventually weakening of the ceilings structure, resulting in breaking off or even more extensive damage. Knowing now the repercussions that water damaged ceilings can have, what can you do to resolve this annoying predicament? Here are just some steps that you can take to provide a fix for this kind of problem.

Locating the Source

The first thing that you have to do is locate the source of the leak which is causing the water to enter your roof and seep through your ceiling. At times, there are gaps or holes on your roof that can be the culprit for these leaks which allow moisture to enter the ceilings. In other cases, it can be faulty plumbing caused by broken or damaged pipes in case they’re running on your ceilings. This is especially true if the room above is a bathroom. After locating the source of the problem, you can then take the steps in making the necessary repairs to resolve the presenting problem that you have.


Making the Repairs

Now that you know of the source of the problem, you can now deal with the cause of the leak on your ceiling. If the primary problem lies in the structure of your roof, you need to make the repairs by fixing the holes, replacing missing shingles, repairing cracks and taking care of dents and indentations. At times, water can back up on your roof and seep into the roof because of a clogged up gutter or ice dams during the winter. Clean these up and you can take care of the ceiling leaks as well. If it’s faulty plumbing, repair the suspected pipes and secure them to ensure that water won’t be leaking through your ceiling.

Providing Maintenance

After making the much needed repairs, the next thing you have to do now is keep it that way. In maintaining the condition of your home, you need to be dedicated in your endeavor. Make inspections on your roof and ceiling on a regular basis to check if the leaks return. Ensure that your roof is checked for any damage. Make prompt fixes as soon as you detect damage to your roof to prevent additional damage being dealt to your roof. Discover more