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Edgar Degas favorite pastels can now become yours. One of the best kept secrets of the pastel world. Until now Roche pastels were only available from a little shop in Paris, and only if you visited on a Thursday afternoon! If you have nottried Henri Roche pastels yet, you will be amazed by their colour strength and covering power. Henri Roche pastels offer an incredible colour palette. The red to blue graduated set shown here is one colour family made by blending various amounts of just two pigments! Only Roche can formulate pastels exhibiting this unique colour intensity. Click here for more information on this exquisite pastel line.


Oil Colours

We take great pride in our oil paint selection. Each line of oil paint that we carry has been carefully selected to meet different artist’s needs, from the beginner to the professional, without compromising quality. Old Holland Oil Colours offer by far the highest pigmentation while Blockx offers the creamiest, richest handmade oil paint available. Williamsburg’s philosophy is to grind each colour to enhance the beauty and luminosity of each pigment so some colours are extremely smooth while others are slightly gritty. Williamsburg also offers a unique line of Native Italian Earths , the very same pigments used by the great Sienese and Florentine masters. Japan’s Holbein Oil colours are by far the most technically advanced with each colour offering the exact same consistency, colour to colour. Sennelier offers a unique fast drying oil developed for the Impressionists, specifically Cezanne. Mussini’s unique resin based formulation lends itself to creating the most incredible translucent glazes. Gamblin Oil Colours are made in Portland, Oregon and offer a European quality at a domestic price. Our best selling, M. Graham Oil Colours feature a traditional walnut oil formulation that was used by many of the Old Masters and M. Graham along with everyone’s favorite Winsor and Newton Oil colours are offered with an artist friendly 40% Discount! Please take a moment and visit our Oil Paint Department. Read more..