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What are the Advantages of Metal Roofing?

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is a popular building material that exhibits durability, flexibility and can last for a long time. With the number of benefits that metal roofing systems have, it’s no surprise that a lot of contractors, homeowners, engineers and more are making use of this versatile material. It also comes in a wide range of selection when it comes to style, shape and color that can make your roof an open canvas for art.

What is Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is utilizing of metallic materials to be applied on roofs. They can be made from several types of metal pieces or tiles which is considered as an essential component in providing protection to a building.

Metal roofing systems are made from a number of metallic components. These metals provide protection and flexibility and can last for several years if maintained at an adequate basis.

Here are just some materials that are used in making metal roofing.
● Tin – It’s considered as one of the softest and most flexible metals but still exhibit strength. With the proper care, it can last as much as 40 years.
● Galvanized Steel – This highly rust-resistant material can last for almost 60 years with the proper maintenance. It’s also inexpensive compared to other materials used as metal roofing.
● Metal Tile Sheets
● Copper – It’s one of the longest materials to last. However, copper is expensive and difficult to obtain, that’s why it’s rare to see roofs made out of copper nowadays.
● Stainless Steel – Ideally used in environments that experience harsh weather conditions. Commonly formed into rolls and put into standing seam profiles or shingles.

● Mixture of Zinc, Aluminum and Silicon-coated Steel – Comes along in brand names, this strong metallic compound is sometimes left with a raw zinc finish.
● Stone-coated Steel
● Aluminum – Also one of the longest lasting metals available for metal roofing. However, because of its qualities, it comes a bit more expensive than other metals. Aluminum is lightweight, has resistance against corrosion and can increase a building’s energy efficiency. With the proper maintenance, it can last as long as 35 years.
● Lead – Often used for church roofs and porches, it’s an uncommon material to be used as metal roofing nowadays.


What are the Advantages of Metal Roofing?

Metal roofing is economical and efficient, providing a strong type of protection but still come at an affordable price. Here are a few of the benefits in using metal roofing.
● Can last for a long time
● Metal roofing systems can be customized
● Easy installation process
● Convenient in renovating

What are the Disadvantages of Metal Roofing?

Though metal roofing is an excellent choice for almost any type of building, it still exhibits its flaws in some areas. Here are a few of the disadvantages in utilizing metal roofing systems.
● Cheap metals are prone to corrosion
● Highly reflective materials can make your roof too bright
● Prone to bending and dents due to things like baseballs, falling pinecones, etc.
● Noise can be a problem, especially when under a tree

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